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On fait de la déco pour enfants. | We decorate for kids


It's péa les maisons.
We decorate for kids.

Péa les maisons. A decoration service for kids rooms
Péa les maisons. Dots

A child’s room isn’t just
a piece of furniture here
and a frame there.
It’s the bedrock of their imagination.

Péa les maisons. Lines

Of course,
it’s not only aesthetic.
It must also be practical.

Péa les maisons. Children's room styling
Péa les maisons. Beautiful and practical storage solutions for kids rooms
Péa les maisons. Eye
Péa les maisons. Confetti

And life isn’t just
about routine.
it’s about celebrating!

Péa les maisons. Kids parties and baby showers styling and organization

It’s not easy to get
everything done on weekends.
That’s why we’re here.