It's not in the Alps.

But it's just as high.

Péa les maisons. A climbing wall in a toddler boy's bedroom
Péa les maisons. A sun-filled boy's bedroom with a reading corner surrounded by mountains
Péa les maisons. With a house bed and a climbing wall surrounded by mountains, how can you not have sweet dreams
Péa les maisons. Black and white bed linen with cloud pattern for a big dreamer
Péa les maisons. A grey and blue bedroom shared by two little boys with an illuminated house bed for the toddler
Péa les maisons. Sleeping under the stars in a children's room
Péa les maisons. Finding the prettiest storage solution for kids rooms
Péa les maisons. With its lockers and its house bed, this boy's room has a nice ski lodge look
Péa les maisons. A cosy reading corner in the mountains with beanbag, pillows and soft rugs for the bedtime story
Péa les maisons. Small detail of this unique and personalized child's room
Péa les maisons. On this side of this shared bedroom, the baby zone with the crib, the dresser, the changing table and a lovely storage solution
Péa les maisons. Beautiful details for kids rooms decor with an outdoor theme : a bear poster that lights up at night, an igloo-teepee-cabin mobile and a forest blanket
Péa les maisons. Aesthetic and practical storage paper bags for children's rooms
Péa les maisons. Mobile for nursery room