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On fait de la déco pour enfants. | We decorate for kids



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Péa les maisons. Decorate children's rooms for them to create new legends

Creating spaces

It’s not just about home decor. It’s about paying attention to details. Of course, we design aesthetically-pleasing spaces. But we also take into account a family’s habits and needs, creating children’s bedrooms, playrooms or study rooms as unique and as functional as possible. We also think about these spaces from a kid’s perspective; the stories they’ll invent, the memories they’ll create, how to let their imagination blossom and roam free. It’s thus a customized design service: consultation, personalized mood boards, research for furniture, decoration accessories and colors, furniture plans and elevations, shopping list and purchases, construction coordination, stylism and finishing touch. 


Creating moments

It’s not only kid’s rooms. It’s also about parties and showers. Finding the most beautiful decorations. That special touch that personalizes an event, making it unforgettable. And it’s also a great way to make life easier for you: from decorating tips and ideas, help to develop a concept to the complete organization of an event. 

Péa les maisons. Create spaces with a specific attention to details


It’s not a very profound acronym. It’s the nickname of Péa les maisons’ founder, Pascal-Anne Lavallée, mother of two little girls and stylist since 2013. 

Péa les maisons

It's not only for locals in Montreal. It’s for everyone.


Péa les maison is a design and lifestyle company that offers room and party decoration services related to the world of children. These services aim to facilitate and enhance the everyday life of the modern family: brightening up homes and enriching memories.

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